Graphic design

“I have a degree in Graphic design, where I interned at 2 different companies and followed a course about typography, photography, and video editing. My artistic knowledge of composition, colors, and more is helpful during the design process.”

– Vera Noordhof

Brand & Identity

Brand identity is my favorite part of the design. I love working with clients to see what fits their brand vision and creating something unique from scratch.

Print & Advertisements

I’m very experienced in making printable designs. Everything from posters, cards, flyers, and magazine covers to stationary and more.

Product & Packaging

I’ve worked with clients in the past to make effective and attractive designs for their products. This includes things such as bottle labels and wrappers.

Limited Edition Bottle Label Design

In my second year I was given an assignment for a company called ‘Rondje Amersfoort’ owned by Guillaume Coret. Who wanted to make a liqueur to celebrate the anniversary of the artist Piet Mondriaan. I was very enthusiastic about this opportunity and immediately started designing. I was very detail-oriented and had an instant vision. Which paid off as i was honored to be the designer they wanted for their product.

‘Jonge Geesten’ Brand identity Exam

for my final exam, my team and I had to create a brand identity and marketing campaign for an organization that wanted to encourage and help young children to be creative. We immediately wanted to do something playful and full of fantasy to attract the young demographic. After the project was finished, I was very proud of my and my team’s results.

‘Saft Apple Cider’ Brand Identity Exam

For my second-year final exam, we had to design a brand identity for an apple cider brand that wanted to compete with beer brands. We had to do a lot of research on competitors to figure out how to design an attractive brand. I wanted to make something that felt mystical, classic, and alluring. I brainstormed many logo ideas but instantly had a vision for a Phoenix. And designed everything else around that.

E-Sports Team ‘Kahoot’ Twitter identity

A friend of mine needed a logo and Twitter identity for an E-sports team he had put together. After seeing my previous work he was excited to ask me to create this for him. After talking for a while and researching the game style they were competing in, I wanted to ensure my designs matched the vibe of the game and the team. In a short amount of time, I put it together, which made the team very excited.

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